Mac and Mobile Online Casinos

Mac and Mobile Online Casinos

While the vast majority of online casino players own a PC, the platform for which most online casino software is created to be played on, there are many who own a Mac which requires alternative software in order to run an online casino. While there are far fewer online casinos with software that is compatible with the Mac operating system, there is still a good selection of trustworthy, reputable and certified ones that you can choose from.


It’s worth knowing that while there is still now downloadable online casino software that is compatible with a Mac, some of the top online casinos do offer flash software that is compatible. On your behalf, we have researched these, and can now bring you a current list of those online casinos where you can enjoy your favourite casino games on your Mac.


Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos are the up to the minute alternative to the larger and more established online casinos. Mobile phone technology has developed rapidly over the last few years and now many phones have their own mini operating systems and act like micro-computers complete with the processing power to run applications, games and of course mobile casinos.


While mobile casinos are smaller and have fewer games than their online cousins, they still retain big jackpots. You’ll find many of your favourite games, like blackjack, roulette, slots and keno along with plenty of great features, just as you’d expect from the best of online casino technology.


Popular Online Casinos

When you think of the most popular online casinos, what are you looking for? It’s often a combination of features such as reputation, security, selection of games, software provider, bonuses and level of support that define an online casino’s attraction for most players. But for the average player, sitting around and researching all those aspects can take a lot of time.


If you want to check out several casinos, you could be in for some tedious research. So to save you the bother, we have provided a rundown of the most popular online casinos right here, so you can make the right choice at a glance, without any hassle.