The Finalists

Gavin & Drew tasting the finalists

With over 1,700 British sandwich submissions there were plenty of sandwiches to choose from. Our farmers and expert tasters, Drew and Gavin, spent a long time deliberating and eating a lot of sandwiches to whittle the entries down to their favourite from each region. It's now down to you to choose the ultimate winner. Either vote on your favourite or support your local region and the sandwich with the highest star rating will be crowned the ultimate winner.

The Blue Scotman

from Rudy Roversi
(4.20 average score)
East Anglia:
Kirstins coronation chicken

from Kirstin Hynd
(4.08 average score)
Yorkshire Tyne Tees:
Wensleydale Waldorf Crunch

from Nancy Forbes
(4.06 average score)
South East:
The Goblin

from Serena Martin
(3.79 average score)
Whole lot of porky

from keith appleyard
(3.64 average score)
North West:
Spinach, goat cheese and strawberry

from Mari davis
(3.44 average score)
Wales & West Country:
Yarg smoothie

from Amanda Fearn
(3.43 average score)


Pictures are for illustrative purposes only and have replicated the recipes as closely as possible.

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